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Your Photo       Charlie's Angels                Learner             Girls on Tour

   Your own photo              Charlies Angels                         Learners                           Girls on Tour 



Horny Hen           Charlie's Angels 2           Hot Hen         Sexy in the City

      Horny Hen                        Charlies Angel 2                          Hot Hen                           Sexy in the City 


Foxy Ladies           Wording            Wording              Men Only Logo. Can be printed onto stag shirt.

    Foxy Ladies                            Wording                                   Wording                                 Men Only



Bad Girl Lips        Little Miss           Pink Ladies          Hot Hen Lips

       Bad Girls                            Little Miss                              Pink Ladies                                 Hot Hen


Barbie Girl    Lips & Tongue        D&G  Girls on Tour

      Barbie Girls                    Tongue & Lips                                   D&G                                Girls on Tour


 Cock & Hen     Facebook               I Love           Angel Wings

        Cock & Hen                        Facebook                                    I Love                                Angel Wings 


 Girls on Tour

Playboy Girls on Tour