Welcome to Hazzad

To all of the following logos we can add your requested wording.
Logos can be printed in various colours.


   118 118     Your Angel           Your Photo

              Stag                                    118 118                            Your Angel                        Your Photo 


 Facebook  Top Gun   We're loving it  Bar Wars

               Facebook                          Top Gun                          We're lovin it                         Bar Wars


      I Love   Ugly Birds      Women Men     Stag 2

                 I Love                               Ugly Birds                      Women Men                               007


A TeamRoger ThatAny HoleX Factor

              A Team                         Roger That                               Any Hole                             X Factor



Game Over  Google Stag WarsNude Girls
            Game Over                            Google                             Stag Wars                                Nude Girls


If Lost Parental Guidance   Pac Man      Super Stag
             If Lost                         Parental Advisory                          Pac Man                               SuperStag



Last Fling before the Ring       Fila          Stagger        Stag 2               


         Last Fling                             Fancy a FILA                               Stagger                                 Smiley                                  


Red Bull             Big Boned.                Women Only         Stag

           Red Bull                               Big Boned                               Women Only                         Johns Stag