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Bespoke Leather Headcovers with custom embroidery

Our Leather Headcovers are custom embroidered with your club, company or golf society logo. We offer totally bespoke leather headcover which are embroidered and manufcatured in house. We can literally create headcovers to your own design. As embroidery is undertaken prior to production we can embroider all over the headcover. The can offer multiple logos which make them a great gift for corporate golf days where there are several sponsors.

These headcovers are made from premium Italian leather combined with a graphite friendly sock to protect the club shaft from deterioting. Headcovers are available in 3 different sizes, oversize, fairway and rescue.

To get an insight into how we manufacture headcovers, click here

Minimum order: 10. 

Embroidery set up costs
New logo: £25 
Repeat order using same logo: £0.00 
Wording only, no logo: £0.00

After an order has been placed we will provide a pre-production proof for approval. We will never proceed with an order until the customer is completely satisfied.

If you have any further queries regarding our headcovers please feel free to contact us by email or by phone 01274 596666

Golf Headcover Manufacturing

We have been manufacturing personalised golf headcovers for the past 20 years and are proud to say we are one of the leading golf headcover manufacturers in the United Kingdom. The materials we use are of the highest quality, the leather is sourced from Italy, the leading country for the supply of premium leather. The Maderia threads which we use are manufactured in Germany and are the leading manufacturer in the World. The threads are pantone matched so as to prescisly match corporate branding, it also ensures that any repeat orders will be embroidered with the exact same colours as previously supplied.


Wilcom Software embroidery design

Our design team initially produce concept designs.
From here the customer will choose the design. 

Our embroidery designs are created using the Wilcom
software which is the world's market leader for
embroidery design. 

We use high quality leather.

Wilcom Software embroidery design

The leather is cut out precisicle by laser cutter

By cutting the headcovers out digitally we know
all the headcovers are exactly the same.

We use high quality leather

Leather Colours

Colours for leather headcovers

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Customised Leather Headcovers Embroidered with your logo