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Alex Higgins "I've had a bloody marvellous day! How about a putting competition."

A landscape for "Rita, Sue and Bob Too"


It's the 1980's in Baildon, West Yorkshire . This small village is inundated with celebrities from all over the country. The task is to raise funds for all of the sporting institutions in the village. The man responsible is John Helm, TV and Radio commentator and Baildon resident.


Celebrities included,Gordon Banks, Jimmy Tarbuck, Peter Lorimer, Eddie Gray, Johnny Giles, Norman Collier, Eddie Large, Geoff Cope, Ashley Metcalfe, Willie Morgan, Charlie Williams, Freddie Trueman, Brian Close and many more.


"They came from all over the country, comedians, entertainers, footballers, sportsmen of all kinds. It's a snapshot of it's time, village life and the way celebrities behaved, it was all very different then"


"The one I was a bit concerned about was Alex Higgins. I knew of his reputation to be a bit of a handful. I had scheduled his tee of time so he could get back to London for a Benson & Hedges press conference for the following day. He was still in the clubhouse. Challenging anyone to a putting competition for £2 nearest the hole.


He stayed right to the bitter end, challenging one of the locals to three frames of snooker at the local Conservative Club, and then onto the Soldiers & Sailors club. He had been brilliant, and a gentleman all day and enjoyed himself so much, he asked to play again the following year"


"His driver had long since gone, the last thing I saw was an inebriated Alex Higgins walking into Baildon village trying to thumb a lift back to London".