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Novelty Golf Headcovers conquer the market for Captain Cook

Northcliffe Golf Club Captain and Hazzad Golf owner Mark Cook, has launched an incredible product line of novelty golf headcovers.

There have been many occasions on the golf course where I wish I could have channeled my inner "Tiger". Rather than flying out of bounds, the ball flies straight and true onto the green. My inner Tiger "Chi" may be a flight of fancy, and highly improbable to say the least. So, It was with some relieft that Hazzad Golf have helped soften the blow by bringing out a range of novelty golf headcovers

Headcovers are meant to protect your golf clubs. Sure, your clubs are tough — they’re built to hit golf balls at speed, but they also highly valuable and to some of us beautiful. It makes sense to keep them scratch-free for as long as we can.

Cool, funky designs are to be found in a huge number of golfers bags, both in the professional game and aspiring amateur.

There are many famous golfers with novelty golf headcovers, for example, David Horsey, Ian Poulter, Paula Creamer, Marc Warren,Rory Mcllroy Bubba Watson to name a few. You will also have seen Tiger Woods‘ headcover gracing his bag throughout his trophy-laden career.

Novelty Golf Headcovers, Made in Britain

Made from the very best leather and handcrafted in the UK. The leather headcovers proudly carry the "Made in Britain" kite mark. Assuring customers that the products are handmade, using the best materials and manufactured to the highest standards.

New Product Line and Designs

Cook a scratch golfer with a degree in graphic design, has been overwhelmed by the reception from the golf industry. Many aspiring golfers now have a handmade novelty golf headcovers from Hazzad Golf, proving a unique talking point amongst family and friends. These premium golf headcovers are guaranteed to make your playing partners look twice at your bag.

These original headcovers include a variety of animal designed headcovers along with film based head covers

The designs include Sugar Skull, Tiger, The ONE, America, Europe, Union Jack and The Punisher.

Due to the nature of the leather, these headcovers get better with age becoming much softer to hold. They are available with Oversize, Fairway and Hybrid sizes.

If you have a unique design that you want making, or simply want a new golf headcover made of the best premium leather then check out .The number 1 in the personalised golf heacover market.