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Hazzad Golf attains accreditation to the Made In Britain organisation

Why hide your light under a bushel?

Here at Hazzad Golf we want people to know about us. We are a customer centric business, open and transparent at all times. That’s why we have attained accreditation to the "Made in Britain" (MIB) organisation.

All of our products that are handcrafted or handsewn in Britain, will carry the official "Made in Britain" mark. By joining this organisation, we hope to send a really clear message to customers and suppliers that we are manufacturing in Britain, to the very highest of standards.

What does it mean to make a personalised headcover?

Whenever you see the MIB trademark, you can be sure of the following:

  • Proof of concept artwork has been signed off by customer.
  • Designed to the very highest standard, using state of the art software
  • We have used the very best materials available to us
  • All products are custom made, to your own specific requirements
  • Handcrafted or handsewn, in-house by skilled technicians
  • You are supporting a British company, and the UK economy with any purchase


Genuine Leather Golf Headcover with personalised Initials

Genuine Leather Yardage Book Holder with your own personalisation

Bespoke Leather Mallet Putter Cover with your own logo

Bespoke Leather Goody Bag with your own logo