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Is Leather a Sustainable Material ?

Image: Crest Leather

Fact is that properly made and sourced leather, is a truly sustainable material. Leather is:

  • made from a by-product (recycle) 
  • a long-lasting (durable) material, two very important aspects of sustainability.

Leather can be a sustainable, circular and biodegradable material when using the right chemicals

This makes the leather industry one of the oldest manufacturing sectors in the world. The raw hides and skins used in the leather industry come from a waste product of the meat and dairy industry. We can either use it or lose it. Loosing these hides at land fill would have a massive negative impact on the environment causing huge environmental damage.

Hazzad Golf and Leather

Here at Hazzad Golf we use only the very best CREST leather to make our golf headcovers. If you are looking for bespoke leather headcovers that carry the “Made in Britain” kitemark, and made from the very best leather, then we are the artisans for you.

Developing this artisan business did not happen overnight. We learned this craft working with the luxurious, spongy leather, by absorbing techniques and methods handed down by generations of leather makers and designers.

At the core of our business is bespoke design. The products have a designer’s eye and artisan craftmanship to the very highest quality. 

The Antique Collection

Crafted by the finest Artisan craftsman, the warm mottled pattern of the antique leather delivers the performance demand of the modern player. The Italian crest leather is of the highest quality. It is durable with a great light fastness and stain resistance. Beautifully embroidered with your logo or message, with the wonderful Madeira thread pan toned matched to the exact colours of your logo.

Designed and made by Artisan Craftsmen, the collection involves, Headcovers, Putter Covers, Alignment Stick Cover, Yardage Book, Scorecard Holder, Goody Bag and Shoe Bag.


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