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Personalised Golf Gear - Naff or Brilliant?

A few years ago, I played golf with a friend of mine. He was a far better player than I am, and I expected him to wear the very best golf gear. It just suited his personality. Imagine my surprise when he turned up with personalised golf gear, bag and head covers! His name all over it.

It takes a big personality to pull it off, potentially leaving you at the mercy of merciless mickey taking and jocular comments from all and sundry in the golfing community. I couldn't resist and finally asked him the obvious question. "What on earth were you thinking off... why?"

He flushed a bit and told me, he was a bit embarrassed. He had qualified for a competition at Turnberry Golf Course and at one stage was leading the amateur competition. One of the prerequisites was to have his golf equipment embroidered with his name.

After the mirth subsided, I couldn't help but notice his personalised golf gear at every twist and turn. So much so, that it seemed pretty cool. His brand awareness had gone through the roof !

Times have now changed and moved on. Personalised golf gear is no longer sniggered at for individuals, as well as corporate businesses. Hazzad Golf has seen a huge increase in the number of requests for personalised golf head covers for corporate golf days. Especially as a gift for high worth individuals or as a momento for established businesses. It shows that they are valued and appreciated.

Business are always looking to stand out from their competitors, and look for something unique and much valued to leave for their customers. Trying to avoid the "just another golf day" scenario when the invitation appears in the customers inbox. Maybe with personalised golf gear, it's just the start of custom and bespoke apparel designed to make them stand out from the rest and look very cool on the golf course.